Whether you want to create an attractive and functional focal area to your garden, a safe play area for children or pets or a stylish extension to your indoor living space, decking is a popular choice.

Not only that, well constructed and aesthetically pleasing decking will inevitably add value to any home. As an established landscaping firm, we have a reputation for installing high quality decking to a professional standard.

Experience and quality

We have experience in working with a wide range of softwood and hardwood decking materials and can provide the quality materials and craftsmanship you need to fit your budget and taste.

Circular decking

Depending on the dimensions of your garden, circular decking can really maximise your available space.

Decking with floor lighting

Go one step further and enjoy summer parties long into the night by introducing spot lights into the decking.

Decked path

If you’ve got different elements to your outside space, then decking paths or walkways could be for you.

Decking with pergola

Do you have a Pergola in your garden? You may want to compliment it by sitting it on a quality decked area.

Hexagon decking

Create sophisticated areas to home your outdoor furniture and relish sunny evenings in the style you deserve.

Decking with water

Make your garden water features even more impressive by using decking to give it another dimension.