Garden design

Making the decision to design or redesign a garden can be daunting. People tend to think of domestic disruption, high costs and unknown outcomes. Well not with Art Landscaping! Our design and build contracts are clear, tightly time-structured, well-thought out with plenty of foresight and most importantly of all, give you the beautiful creative results you want.

At Art Landscaping we love transforming gardens and are committed on bringing garden ideas and concepts to life! We take pride in the work we do for you and want to leave you amazed with your beautiful new garden.

Bring your garden ideas to life

Over the last 20 years we have successfully designed and built all sorts of gardens; from family gardens for individual homes, to public and formal gardens and even playgrounds.

With you every step of the way

We pride ourselves on really listening to our clients as we move through the garden design project, keeping you in the know throughout. We’ll always aim to be as ambitious as possible but we want to make sure you get the right design for your needs.