Pergola’s can be used in a variety of ways to give your garden something unique. From traditional designs or a bespoke solution just for you, Art Landscapes consistently produce spectacular results.

Your Pergola will become a real focal point. It can be used as a walkway through to other sections of your garden, as well as somewhere to introduce colour with different plants or perhaps add lights to make your garden look stunning at night.

Create a focal point

The sleek, simplistic feel of a pergola adds a modern touch to any outdoor landscape. Whether it serves the purpose of shelter or functions as a garden center piece, it has a dynamic aesthetic to work with any environment. It will also look good with any existing garden furniture.

Decking with pergola

Give your Pergola a platform to attract the attention it deserves in your garden. Make it a focal point and build around it.

Pergola walkway

Liven up your small path or walkway in your garden with a Pergola and decorate with plants to bring your garden to life.

Decorative trellis

Trellis is an excellent way to make your Pergola stand out. Weave it through the wood and give it some character.

Pergola patio area

A Pergola in your patio area can look superb and supported by different plants can really accentuate your outside space.

Pergola as a focal point

Is there a little bit of artistry waiting to leap out of you? Your garden can be a place where all of your creative ideas come to life.

Decked walkway

Combine decked walkways with a Pergola to create an area in your garden where you can really show off to your visitors.