Water Features

The right water feature can really make your garden stand out from the crowd. It can transform an ordinary garden and inspire a focal point that leaves your friends and family envious. Choose from cascades, bubble pools, fish ponds to something a little more dramatic such as a bridge or waterfall. The only thing holding you back is your creativity!

It can often be a tricky thing to get right, so don’t hesitate to contact our team. With over four decades of experience we are well versed deciding the appropriate feature dependent on a number of different factors.

Your personal pond design service

Every pond is different which is why we tailor the advice and assistance we give to each individual project. If you’re introducing a pond for the first time, we can help you create a balanced eco-system for keeping fish, frogs or other wildlife. Our plant centre is stocked with a wide range of plants to complement any pond or garden, so come and visit us today.

Contemporary pond

Make the most of more space and have a truly stunning water feature to be the focal point of your garden.

Fish pond

Whether you have young children or not, fish ponds have always been and always will be a popular choice.

Driveway fountain

Go the extra mile and create a spectacular first impression of your property with a driveway fountain.

Curved fish pond

If you have more fish or slightly bigger species, you may opt to create a bespoke design to suit your space.

Large garden pond

Bigger ponds can look truly amazing, providing they are done well and looked after. We are well versed…

Contemporary water feature

If art is your thing, you may want to home something completely unique in your garden. There are no limits!